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Friends of Hubbard House is a 501 c 3 organization which focuses on continuing the distinguished legacy of Dr. George W. Hubbard (1841-1924) and the Hubbard House, the original location of Meharry Medical college prior to it being relocated to North Nashville in the 1930s. During his tenure with Meharry, Dr. Hubbard and others educated more than one-half of the South’s African-American physicians, dentists, and pharmacists at the college.

In 1970, the house was converted for use as the parsonage of the Seay-Hubbard United Methodist Church. Over the decades, generous volunteers from the church and the community have assisted those who need help in the South Nashville and Trimble Bottom area. In spite of a rapidly changing economic ascent in the gentrifying South Nashville neighborhood, many long-time residents, mostly low-income and nonwhite, continue to face the dire challenges of poverty, low workforce engagement, low educational attainment, diminished affordable housing options and disrupted social networks from incoming restaurants, shops and homes designed for a higher-income demographic. A cornerstone in South Nashville, Hubbard House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Friends of Hubbard House does not currently serve residents in the South Nashville and Trimble Bottom area. With generous support from grant funding and other resources, Friends of Hubbard House will have the opportunity to restore the historical building, a physical icon of the original Meharry Medical College and Dr. Hubbard’s esteemed legacy, and reimagine the space to meet the needs of residents in the Trimble Bottom/Chestnut Hill area and all across Metro-Davidson.

Hubbard House

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