About Us

Seay-Hubbard is a....

unique, historic community of believers.

Below you'll find our core beliefs and values:

Mission Statement

We are God's beacons to draw and direct our community and neighbors to the Living Christ!


To live and share the grace of God with everyone we meet, as we invite them to know the living Christ.



To see every person as a child of God, and communicate this vision with joy.  

2016 Directive: Going Long and Deep with Jesus, John 4:5

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Action Statement

With God's help I will communicate my faith to persons God brings my way.  In so doing I will listen to, share with, engage, and invite them to an authentic relationship with God  through Christ.

Faith Declaration

I hold God's word in my hand, in it I find all my Blessings.  Jesus is the author of my Faith, the Healer of my body, the conqueror of my fears, the light to my path, the restorer of my peace, and the Savior of my soul.  Today, by faith in God's Word I claim my place in God's Kingdom.


Member Statement

I am a child of the King, God placed me at Seay-Hubbard United Methodist Church, to be nurtured and to nurture others.  I am covered in His love, upheld by His grace, and open to life in the knowledge of His will.  My joy is full and my salvation sure, for I am a child of the King.  And this pleases my Father in heaven.